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About me

I am an engineering leader who enjoys helping teams grow through mentorship and coaching. I am interested in DevOps engineering practices that allow teams to improve the quality and speed of application delivery. My focus is on remote opportunities, or those local to the Philadelphia area. I am willing to relocate, but only for the right role.

Currently, I am in a VP of Engineering role, but I also have a strong background in web operations and cloud infrastructure. I assembled my current employer’s first web operations team, helped hire software engineers and product managers across several teams, and introduced an engineering ladder to create clarity in a growing engineering organization. I also helped improve our engineering hiring practices by introducing an apprenticeship program, structured application assessment, and on-site interview loop.

Things I’m good at

  • Communication: both through writing and speaking
  • Coaching and mentoring engineers
  • Decomposing large and unstructured tasks
  • Building applications and delivering them to users
  • Managing immutable infrastructure as code (Docker, Terraform, CloudFormation, etc.)
  • Leveraging cloud, container, and serverless computing (Amazon Web Services, Amazon ECS, Amazon Lambda, etc.)
  • Maintaining data stores (relational, non-relational, and everything in-between)

Things I want to do more

  • Helping build inclusive environments for diverse groups of people
  • Leading multiple engineering teams focused on a common goal
  • Building, growing, and hiring for engineering teams
  • Facilitating an environment that encourages growth and professional development
  • Working on projects and products that have a positive social impact

Things I want to avoid

  • Environments that encourage poor work/life balance
  • Workplaces with a history of office politics
  • Employers without established work-from-home or flextime policies